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Fraud Protection Policy at MarvelBet

One of the main objectives of our company is the personal safety of every player on our MarvelBet India site. Each of our new players has to undergo an identity verification. This is a fairly simple and innocuous procedure designed to increase the security of our community to a high level. To go through the procedure, you need to send the security team photos of the required documents such as a passport, driving license, utility bill, bank statement, and selfies with documents. 

Every player should be vigilant and try to assist our security team. If you are aware that any of the players of our MarvelBet India platform are breaking the rules of the game and using various methods to increase your chances of winning, it is your responsibility to report it immediately.

In addition to identity checks, we use software and many scripts that allow us to monitor suspicious activity on game accounts. If we have reason to believe that a particular gambling account is suspicious, its activity will be restricted until the situation is cleared up. 

How Marvelbet provides Fraud Protection for all users from India

A gambling account may be restricted or blocked if: 

Any of the above actions may result in the blocking of your gaming account. If you are not the offender and the system has mistakenly blocked you, you can always contact our support team to clarify your issue. 

All inquiries are handled by our security team in the order they are received. Please be patient and wait for an answer to your question. We strongly advise you not to make several inquiries with the same question, as it will hurt our other players.

Be polite and tactful when contacting with MarvelBet support. Your anger will not resolve the issue faster, on the contrary, it will increase the resolution time frame. The person helping you solve your problem may not have had any influence on the situation before. Stay human in any situation!

You can see the entire list of restrictions and penalties for players who violate the established rules of MarvelBet India. We honor the rules of fair play and demand it from our players!